Al Jazirah Press Headquarters

We were appointed to redesign the existing office facilities of Al Jazirah Press, one of the two leading daily newspapers in Saudi Arabia. Progressive and modern thinking in their approach, Al Jazirah Press became the first daily paper in the Middle East to lunch mobile phone application and online web site. Also sensitive to local social changes, it was the first media company to introduce online women’s daily covering female achievements in Saudi Arabia.

True to these ideals, Al Jazirah was seeking a work environment that reflected their contemporary attitude. Their aging headquarters was unable to accommodate their continuous rapid growth and lacked appropriate infrastructure needed for new technological changes and spatial adaptability and openness required for new and innovative work environments.

Our design proposal addressed all these concerns: Open modern office space for the staff placed around the interior court allowed higher space utilization, increased work flexibility and access to technology, while management offices and support facilities conceived as enclosed glass spaces along the exterior perimeter allowed for privacy, natural light and view. The two environments were brought together by central circulation corridor to encourage exchange and interaction. Also, a new panoramic elevator was added to the center court to accommodate the needs of a larger workforce. The final design configuration resulted in 25% increased workspace capacity while providing maximum functional adaptability and openness. 

Al Jazirah Corporation

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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