Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel

We were tasked to redesign and modernize the existing 9-story Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, Tbilisi’s landmark. In our design approach we have retained the exterior of the 70’s style architecture while thoughtfully upgrading its details. Softening the heavy volumes with interplay of glass and lighting created a quality of modern making the hotel a symbol of the city’s gradual modernization. Celebrating the entrance by creating a “porte-cochere” added a simple and functional, yet timeless, element

The theme of the interior of the lobby, as required by Sheraton, was luxurious comfort. The use of marble floors and lit onyx walls declared the sumptuousness of the space while plush sofas, soft lighting, fire element and floral arrangements stressed its coziness and comfort.  Just like the exterior façade, the interior façade was softened with the play of glass and lighting, creating an illusion of transparency. The inner plane is always opaque, the outer translucent and lit.  The cascading heavy volumes now softly envelop the space exalting the forms of its 70’s architecture.

The desire to make the client feel at home was the guiding principle of this project in its forms, colors and materials. The rooms are kept neutral and simple with an occasional dash of color. A sense of place was created by printing the city’s points of interest on the bathroom glass walls, infusing the room with an informative dash of modernity and transparency. A mixture of contemporary furnishing and natural materials and colors together with soft and hard floor coverings created a soothing, yet luxurious, ambiance.

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Tbilisi, Georgia

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