UBM Bilda Showroom

UBM (Universal Building Materials Merchants, Ltd), one of Saudi Arabia’s leading suppliers of quality building materials and an HSBC partner, selected us to design a new showroom and training center located in Building and Design Mall in Riyadh. The showroom was to showcase different manufactures and suppliers of building materials targeted for commercial market and accommodate presentation and training meetings and conferences.  In our design for the showroom, we centrally located an oval multipurpose space to be used as a large-meeting and group-training hall that can be opened and closed with full-height movable glass partitions. The oval hall is anchored to the peripheral showroom wall by a curved screen wall also opened and closed with glass partitions. The central hall divides the showroom floor to manageable display areas for showcasing different collections of building materials, including the display window cases on the exterior walls of the hall. In the back of the showroom we provide offices for management and staff. The showroom also contains additional meeting rooms and café that could be used for smaller and more casual meetings with clients or staff.

Universal Building Materials Merchants, Ltd

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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