King Abdulaziz Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, Entry and Lobby

We were commissioned to transform the existing main four-story entrance lobby of the King Abdulaziz Foundation into a reception hall and a flexible exhibition space to showcase works of gifted children while continuing normal day to day use as general circulation space.  The original lobby space suffered from architectural issues stemming from disproportionately high ceiling which created an uncomfortable space and pose difficulties for installing exhibition lighting the displays. 

To satisfy the above requirements, we proposed utilizing the unoccupied spaces between different architectural elements that were not used for circulation as opportunities to display children’s works and the seating areas for visitors during exhibitions.

These objectives were achieved through series of designed elements consisting of overhead structure, sets of display systems, visitors’ seating and a reception counter.  The overhead structure is a steel trussed “band” weaving horizontally mid space between the columns that both accommodate hanging projection screens, exhibition banners and track lighting as well as corrects the spatial experience of the lobby.  The display systems consist of round platforms that encircle columns and free standing glass display cases that are placed in between columns and used to exhibit children’s works. A reception counter and large square lounge seating are utilized to accommodate visitors of the exhibitions.

Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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